Do You Have A Terrible Headache After Drinking? Suffering From Stomachache After Drinking?
- May 21, 2021-

In the current times, many peoples, old or young, need or would like to drink much, for funny or business. And more and more hepatopaths and their families are bearing the pain

How to do when you have a terrible headache after drinking? Suffering from stomachache after drinking? How to have a smart drinking?

Every drinker know the pain after drinking, headache,stomachache,nausea,dizzy and more other terrible feel. that's because when Alcohol go into Liver from blood,it's decomposed to acetaldehyde, your protein will be changed to Acetaldehyde-Protein Adduct, and cause fat accumulation in liver, finally Alcoholic liver disease(ALD). Alcohol also cause elevation of blood pressure,nervous system and memory damage.

Now You have Dihydromyricetin(DHM)


Vine Tea Extract can enhance the enzymes in your liver responsible for breaking down both Alcohol and acetaldehyde

This helps your body flush both the alcohol and acetaldehyde out of your body before it can do any damage.

AIDU is the largest and first Factory of DHM in China,we have ISO and Kosher, Eurofins Report to ensure our high quality with a competitive price. And we also have warehouse in LosAngeles.

Contact with AIDU if you, your family, your friends want to be saved from hangovereles.

Alison Sun

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