Supermidine™ : Natural spermidine, for you and your cells.

Supermidine™ is Shanghai Aidu Biotech's bio-perfected form of Wheat Germ Extract Spermidine.

Supermidine™ is a naturally occurring molecule that is vital to cell function and survival. It’s part of a group of molecules called polyamines. Declining polyamine levels are associated with inflammation-driven aging. Their levels decline continuously with age and Supermidine™ supplementation increases life span in model organisms. (1.2.3.)
Supermidine™ has the unique ability to activate autophagy, a powerful anti-aging process that lowers systemic inflammation & preserves NAD⁺ levels.

Meet Supermidine™ Wheat Germ extract Spermidine :

Wheat Germ

Spermidine 0.2%
Spermidine 0.5%
Spermidine 1%

Triticum aestivum

2 years

Light Yellow to Yellow Fine


Supermidine™ Benefits:
Supermidine™ Induces Autophagy and Reduces Inflammation
Spermidine’s main mechanism of action is its ability to induce autophagy, a self-preservation process which clears out toxic, damaged and dysfunctional cells, resulting in lower levels of inflammation in the body. 3

(Mechanism Of Autophagy)

Supermidine™ for anti-aging and Longevity
Internally, Supermidine™ has been seen to stabilise mitochondrial DNA, which can protect against aging caused by mutations in the mitochondria genome.
Supermidine™ levels decrease with age. Spermidine supplementation can replenish these levels and induce autophagy, thus renewing cells and extending lifespan. 2

Supermidine™ for human hair growth
It improves the physical signs of aging by promoting thicker hair growth, longer eyelashes, stronger nails and more youthful skin achieved through keratin growth.

Supermidine™ for cognition
Animal studies have shown that spermidine can penetrate the blood-brain barrier and improve cognition in mice. 4

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