Application Efficacy Of Olive Leaf Extract
- May 21, 2018-

The French army colonel, yday Pallas medical doctor, analyzed the ingredients of the leaves and separated a crystalline substance named Brucine, a class of bitter substances considered to have strong antipyretic properties. This is also thought to be the beginning of the modern research on olive leaf extract. Olive leaf extract is a broad spectrum antibacterial ingredient. So far, the most active substance identified in olive leaves is olivine, a bitter bittern saponins classified as split iridoids.  Olivine and its hydrolysates are of unique importance for the antibacterial function of olive leaves.


It is used to manufacture new drugs for diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, protozoans, parasites, and blood sucking worms, and new drugs for the treatment of colds.

Health Food

In Europe and America, olive leaf extract is mainly used as a dietary supplement to regulate immunity.

Skin care products

The high content of olivine is mainly used in skin care products, which can protect skin cells from ultraviolet radiation, effectively maintain skin tenderness and elasticity, and achieve the efficacy of skin and skin tender. Microherb high content olivine glycoside 80% is specially designed for skin care products. Its active ingredients are high and its color is light. It is very suitable for cosmetic formulation design.

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