What Are The Wrong Perceptions Of Health Supplements
- May 20, 2018-

1. Health products' wrong cognition of health care products to cure hundreds of diseases

In this survey, 57.4% of netizens indicated that the reason for buying health care products was attracted by the "big effect" expressed in health products. So what is the effect of health care?

In response, three experts have said that health products can only play an auxiliary role, but can not be used for treatment. Most diseases do not belong to nutritional diseases. At this time, health products are only a supplementary function. In addition, the premise that the health care products have this auxiliary function is to comply with the relevant state regulations, approved by the relevant state departments and have approval, the counterfeit and inferior products can not only be harmful to health care.

Some people take advantage of the old people's longing for health and longevity, fear of illness and bring burdens to their families, but they are not aware of the difference in the function of health care products, and exaggerate the efficacy of health care products through "free lecture", "free travel" and so on, and sell high prices, so that many old people not only spend the money and even bring new money. The pain of the disease. In this regard, experts say a health product is more hyped and more careful, because the law has already set a "hard bar" that must be observed for health food: the labels and instructions of health care products should not involve the function of disease prevention or treatment.

So, if a health care product is fanatical about its effectiveness, you should be more aware of whether you are doing false advertising, and if you get sick, you should take a doctor's professional guidance and take medicine.

2, the wrong cognition of health products can be eaten by health products adults and children.

Many families have health products, and there will inevitably be a case of eating the same health product. In this regard, experts believe that health products have their own target groups, at present, roughly divided into two categories, adolescents and middle-aged and elderly, and also differentiated by sex. In the "Regulations on the management of health food labeling", health care products must be well written for the appropriate population.

Therefore, the same health care product is not acceptable to everyone of every age group.

3, the wrong cognition of health products is food, and it doesn't matter if you eat too much.

People will think that health products eat better, less eating is not good, in fact, this is wrong idea. Any food enters the body through the liver metabolism, if excessive intake of health care, may increase the burden of the liver, and everyone in the daily life of the nutrition elements are not the same, so if there is no professional guidance, it is suggested that we do not eat more.

4, the wrong cognition of health products eat health products, strengthen body and keep fit.

A healthy person is enough to eat a good meal. In our daily life, the most important thing for health is food. In addition to a reasonable diet, good living habits, proper exercise, healthy psychology is also very necessary. Of course, modern life is getting more and more busy, some people really do not have time to eat well, cause poor nutritional structure, or some nutrients can not be obtained in food, can be obtained through other ways, such as health care products.

Therefore, although health products have a certain effect in preventing diseases, if you are healthy, it is not necessary to eat health care products.

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