What Are The Criteria For The Evaluation Of Botanical Extract
- May 20, 2018-

The criteria for the evaluation of plant extracts should be controlled by medicinal materials and evaluated by experimental pharmacodynamics and clinical efficacy. The evaluation of plant extracts should be objective and comprehensive. The extraction and separation methods, such as water extraction, alcohol extraction, macroporous resin and supercritical fluid extraction, should be encouraged to be applied, but it can not be weighed by this light, and it is far fetched, in favor of the development of the plant medicine industry. The research of plant drug extract should be based on water extraction first, treat the "impurity" of the extract seriously, and can not simply use water extraction and alcohol precipitation and other refining methods; secondly, we should find new dosage forms suitable for plant medicine.

The dynamic extraction of traditional Chinese medicine is a new modern extraction technology. It does not change the original characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine extraction, at the same time, it ensures that the effective groups of the extracted Chinese medicine are basically unchanged. The dynamic extraction of energy saving, the high yield of the ointment and the automatic control can be realized. Therefore, it is a good solution to the modernization of the key extraction technology in the pharmaceutical technology of traditional Chinese medicine, and it is the trend of the modernization of the extraction of Chinese medicine. Now, many domestic enterprises have tried, including the Jiangxi River, the green leaf of Shandong, the central crown health industry of Henan, and so on. The dynamic extraction of full automatic control is used in the scale production, and good results have been achieved.

Although dynamic extraction has many advantages, there are also many shortcomings. Not all Chinese herbal medicines are suitable for dynamic extraction technology. For example, some starch rich gelatinized Chinese medicinal materials are not suitable. In addition, due to the traditional extraction of traditional Chinese medicinal materials using water decocting method, the extraction temperature and time are different from the dynamic extraction. Therefore, when the traditional extraction process is changed to dynamic extraction, the equivalent experiment should be carried out to the effective group in order to eliminate the quality difference which may be brought by the different extraction methods.

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