What Are The Antioxidative Supplement
- May 20, 2018-

Antioxidants are: vitamin A, C, E, anthocyanin, lycopene, resveratrol, and so on, of which lycopene is 100 times the antioxidant vitamin E, resveratrol is also known by scientists as "antiaging Holy Grail", these two substances can be said to be the leader of the antioxidant world. When choosing antioxidant products, pay attention to ingredients and content. Because any antioxidant needs a certain amount of health care function. For example, a daily intake of lycopene with 16mg can reduce the risk factor for sunburn by 40%, and the daily use of more than 30mg of lycopene can effectively prevent prostate disease, and the daily consumption of 60mg lycopene for 3 months can reduce plasma cholesterol by 14%... It is understood that the content of the red and white products in Singapore is high in antioxidant content, a net weight of 200mg, 65mg lycopene and resveratrol of 135mg, and the health effects of these two super antioxidants on the human body

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