Tongkat Ali Extractincreased Functions
- Jan 15, 2019-

Tongkat Ali extract increased the formation of testosterone fourfold. Increasing testosterone is the big objective. Testosterone is the most important of the male hormones, which are known as androgens, and are produced in the gonads. Testosterone plays a key role in the development and maturity of male organs. The hormone promotes secondary characteristics including the appearance of facial hair, enlargement of the larynx (producing a deeper voice), sexual desire and sexual behavior.

But testosterone is not just a sex booster for men. Women also produce testosterone, about 5 to 10% the amount produced in men. In women, this vital hormone also fans the flames of ardor, and increases sensitivity in the erogenous zones. Testosterone stimulates metabolism, promotes lipogenesis (burning of fat), increases the formation of red blood cells, and accelerates muscle growth. Tongkat Ali extract can help you return to the youth state in physiology.

Bodybuilders, gym buffs, and other health conscious individuals have been utilizing Tongkat ali extract to boost their strength, energy, and stamina.

With Tongkat Ali extract you can boost your testosterone levels back up to more youthful levels. Studies also found that Tongkat Ali extract inhibits Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. By inhibiting this agent, more free testosterone remains in the blood. This additionally stems the aging process, improving energy and sexual function, helping to reduce body fat, and reducing risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease.

Where will be Tongkat Ali Extract used to ?




Loss of sexual desire


Weight loss

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