Some Suggestions On The Utilization Of Natural Botanical Extract
- May 20, 2018-

First, pay attention to the diversity and versatility of biological resources and make comprehensive use of them.

The plant extracts of the same family often have the same chemical composition, looking for natural products to be developed in the same family and genus, while taking into account that the same substance has thousands of chemical substances, different material functions, even the same compound often has different uses. At present, only a handful of organisms are studied for chemical constituents, and few are known about their functions. In the development and utilization of natural products, we should pay attention to the diversity of biological resources and the diversity of material function, and semi synthesis of natural products from a large amount of precondition compounds.

Two, handle the contradiction between utilization and resource protection, environmental protection, and make it in a virtuous circle.

The process of processing natural plant extracts must be changed to the clean production process to reduce environmental pollution, to ensure that the factory discharge is more consistent with the environmental protection requirements, to ensure the efficient use of raw materials and energy, and to ensure the recycling of raw materials and water as far as possible. In the process of product development, we should pay attention to protecting the diversity of biological resources.

Three. Marketable marketable products for market production

To adjust product mix, we should develop high-grade products, such as high-grade pharmaceutical and biochemical products, functional foods and additives, biochemical catalysts, etc. In addition, many fine chemical products should be developed and products that are produced or difficult to produce by chemical methods, such as microbial polysaccharides, pigments, polymer materials, etc.

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