Quality Control Of Botanical Extract
- May 20, 2018-

China has a wide area and a large population, and the products vary from place to place. Therefore, the raw material is multisource, and the counterfeit and confused varieties are present, the same material and the adulteration are false, which makes the source of raw materials and the control of the varieties more important. In order to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the extract of Chinese medicine, Chinese crown health industry persists in strict quality control, resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of "filling the truth" and "filling the truth".

The content of effective components in plant extracts can vary greatly from plant organs, such as Sophora japonica, cortex phellodendron, rhizome of Ligusticum chuanxiong, and Strychnin, which contain more effective components. The content of effective components of similar plants is also related to the environmental conditions, growing season and age of plant growth.

Nitrogen fertilizer can generally increase the alkaloid content of alkaloid plants. Potash fertilizer can make some oil containing plants contain oil containing Liang Zenggao, but some of the oil containing plants, such as coriander, can be reduced by potassium fertilizer. The effects of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium on plant composition are not regular. Interplanting plants also affect the active ingredients of some plants.

Harvesting, drying and storage methods also affect the content of active ingredients in plants, and even lead to changes in the structure of active ingredients. General rapid low temperature drying method is better. However, some plants that contain volatile oil need to ferment properly with fresh plants to stimulate the production of volatile oil. Therefore, in the extraction and production of natural products, we must select suitable raw materials and conduct preliminary quality identification.

1, the identification method of combination of morphology and character

According to the morphological identification method of biological taxonomy, the taxonomic families, genera and species belonging to their taxonomy are determined according to the morphology of each part, and then the identification conclusion is made by the method of combining morphology with the identification of characters according to the location of the taxonomy.

2, microscopic powder identification

Some of the raw materials are finely observed under microscope.

3, chemical identification method

According to the chemical composition of the identified raw materials, chemical composition can be identified by thin layer method or traditional chemical method, and the conclusion can be reached. In the absence of professional appraisers, this method can be used to identify some materials more reliably, and the result of identification is of great significance to the extraction and production of natural products. In particular, thin layer chromatography can detect subtle changes in raw material composition and is of great value in evaluating the quality of raw materials.

4. Ultraviolet spectroscopy

The UV spectrum of the raw material can be determined by UV spectrophotometry on methanol or ethanol leaching solution. This method is simple and reliable, and is an effective method of identification.

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