Introduction Of The Source Of Inulin And Its Nutritional Value And Efficacy!
- Jul 15, 2019-

[product name]: inulin

[English name]: Inulin

[Source of extraction]: Helianthus tuberosus and Chicory

[Active Ingredients]: Fructose

[product specifications]: 9

[Storage]: Store in a cool, dry place, away from strong light, and away from high temperatures.

[Product packaging]: 1KG / sterilized aluminum foil bag; 25KG / cardboard drum; can be packaged according to customer requirements.

[Shelf life]: 24 months

[product traits]: white powder

[Number of products]: 80-100 mesh

[Test method]: UV

[Nutrition Value]: Inulin is a mixture of natural fructans. Fructose is a carbohydrate in which fructose units are linked by (2-1) chains and terminated by glucose units. The average degree of polymerization of sugar is 10-30, which contains a small amount of oligofructose. The presence of inulin can be found in almost all plants. It is another form of energy storage of plants other than starch. We are from Jerusalem artichoke plants. Extracted and refined to obtain inulin products, the polymerization degree is from 2 to 60 kinds of fructan mixture, it is an ideal functional food ingredient, and also a good raw material for producing oligofructose, high fructose syrup, crystalline fructose and other products. .


1, control blood lipids

In recent years, it has been proven that the efficacy of dietary fiber can reduce the blood lipid level of humans and animals, and the serum cholesterol and fat (triglyceride) of humans and mice are greatly reduced. If the daily serving is 5-10g, serum fat Can be reduced by less than 20%. Hidaka et al. reported that elderly patients aged 50-90 years consumed 8 g of short-chain dietary fiber, and the levels of triglyceride and total cholesterol in the blood decreased after two weeks. Yamashita et al. gave 8 diabetics 8 g of inulin for two weeks, and total cholesterol decreased by 7.9%, but HDL-cholesterol did not change. In the control group fed with food, the above parameters did not change. Brighenti et al. observed that 12 healthy young men added 9 g of inulin to the daily cereal breakfast for 4 weeks, with a 8.2% reduction in total cholesterol and a 26.5% reduction in triglycerides.

Many dietary fibers reduce fat levels by absorbing intestinal fats to form fats – fiber complexes that emanate with feces. Moreover, inulin is fermented into short-chain fatty acids and lactate before the end of the intestine, and lactate is a regulator of liver metabolism. Short-chain fatty acids (acetate and propionate) can be used as fuel in the blood, and propionate inhibits the synthesis of cholesterol.

2, lower blood sugar

Inulin is a carbohydrate that does not cause an increase in glucose in the urine. It is not hydrolyzed into monosaccharides in the upper part of the intestine and thus does not raise blood sugar levels and insulin levels. Recent studies have shown that a decrease in fasting blood glucose is the result of short-chain fatty acids produced by oligofructose fermentation in the colon.

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