Five Precautions For Health Care Needs To Be Kept In Mind
- May 20, 2018-

What are the points for paying attention to the health care products? Every holiday, or the Spring Festival in the family reunion, many young people like to buy some health care products for the elderly inside the family. But are the health products you buy really? Are they good for your body? These questions make you cautious about buying health care products. What do you need to pay attention to to buy health care products?

Precautions for the purchase of health care products

1, vigilant sales: before buying health care products, be careful of those bombing sales, such as health care lectures, invitations to travel and so on, all these forms are a good name for the promotion of health food. If you have to buy these, you must pay attention to the origin, nutrition and content, shelf life and storage mode of the product. It's better to know from an authoritative channel.

2, pay attention to the quality of products: no matter what kind of health food they choose, consumers should give priority to the quality of products. The prices of health foods vary greatly due to different types, origins, marketing channels and quality.

3, do not eat for medicine: at present, most health foods are more or less publicized with the function of health care or adjuvant therapy, and some even violate the curative effect propaganda. China Consumers Association reminds consumers that health food is not a drug, and can not replace medicine for treatment.

4, do not blindly eat: some consumers often think that health foods eat too much, the body is bound to stick. Although health food is good, we should follow the principle of moderate. Consumers should also choose the most suitable products according to their own or family's physical condition. They should not eat blindly, and consult doctors, dietitians and other professionals when necessary.

5, active rights in accordance with the law: consumers, regardless of the way to buy health food, should take the initiative to buy shopping vouchers, such as shopping tickets, shopping invoices, and so on, to develop good consumption habits. When the quality problems of the purchased products are found or the rights and interests of the consumers are damaged, they should complain to the relevant departments in a timely manner and maintain their legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law.

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