Effect And Function Of Papain
- Jul 31, 2020-

1. Papain is a useful digestive enzyme, which can help the stomach to better decompose protein and promote nutrient absorption. For example, it is very helpful for people with indigestion.

2. It dissolves fat and softens skin. In addition, it helps clear dead cells and keep skin healthy. This is why the enzyme is widely used in beauty products.

3. It has anti-inflammatory effects, can soothe the stomach and reduce edema. The anti-inflammatory properties of papain can also treat burns and herpes labialis.

4. Papain can effectively treat gastric ulcer and dissolve diphtheria membrane.

5. It can also be used to treat swelling and abrasions, and to suppress swelling and fever after surgery.

6. Papain can alleviate different food allergies, especially for the problems caused by food protein indigestion.

7. Amino acids in papain help relieve irritable bowel syndrome symptoms by preventing acid reflux.

8. Papain can be incorporated into the diet to relieve discomfort in patients with back pain, sprains and strains. In addition, it can reduce throat swelling and sinus pain.

9. Studies have found that papain is also a good immune stimulant, which helps to strengthen the immune system.

10. Because it is a proteolytic enzyme, papain can also help deal with intestinal parasites. In addition, it also decomposes food proteins.

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